Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Assessing the Effect of Combined Deficit Irrigation and Vermicompost manure on Grouth and Yeild of Pepper (Capsicum annuum)    Ph.D    Sajjadi, Seyed Abdolkarim    2015-03-16
2    Both effect of soil texture and planting sunflower on Purification of industrial wastewater containing Arsenic: irrigation application    M.Sc.    Heydari Toopkanlu, Fateme    2015-11-07
3    The effects of some preservatives water (SAP) in the quantity and quality of irrigation water    M.Sc.    jannesar, fateme    2016-10-08
4    Studying the existing standards and criteria in effluent’s usage for agriculture for using in expert system    M.Sc.    gazor habib abadi, najme    2016-10-29